Sway the answer

Lately we have been implementing a technique called ‘The Sway test’. It is a variant of the kinesiology muscle test I use as a Naturopath. The premis behind it is that your body can feel/sense what is beneficial or harmful to it by means of a stress reaction.

Here, the word ‘stress’ is used in a very broad sense, meaning really anything that is not good for you. The stress reaction arises spontaneously and is – I think – impossible to prohibit. You can deal with it, hide it, but not prevent it – as it is a very old and fundamental neurological response to danger.

It is the reaction you feel before going to a daunting exam, or when an accident happens. It feels like your arms and leg have been turned into jelly and you have to sit down otherwise you’d fall over. Of course, you don’t want to actually be in this state – a it is rather uncomfortable – that is why the muscle test operates on a very subtle level.

So, you don’t actually get stressed when using the muscle test, you just use the physical automatic response.

Next thing: You just have to ask in the right way. When posing a question, you should be as specific as possible and really focus on the things you are asking about, hearing it, picturing it in your mind, so that the representation is strong.

Also, you must phrase the question in such a way that the answer can be a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If you can’t do this, you should refrain from asking the question and perhaps try to rephrase it.

The Sway test is different from the muscle test in that you can feel the answer in your chest and you feel it immediately. Method: Stand firmly with parallel feet and a bit apart, knees must be lightly bend and your balance should be good.

Start by asking a question that you know is true – like ‘my name is ..’ And you will feel a light forward pull like you are drawn forward by an invisible string. Now ask a question to which you can answer ‘no’ without hesitation, and feel now a light backward pull.

‘Yes’ is a forward sway, ‘no’ is a backward sway. It sounds easy and it is easy. It is not complicated at all.

If your answers don’t come right away, breathe deeply and try again. If your answers are switched – if your ‘yes’ is a backward pull and vice versa – there is either something wrong with the way you phrase the questions or your yes/no-answers may be switched on a more basic level and it would take a visit to a Kinesiologist, a Psychokinesiologist, a Naturopath or other to sort it out. It is not uncommon for people who are very stressed or who suffers from some kind of addiction to have their answers switched.

The Sway test can be used to find the dose of a supplement, to clarify if a certain food item is good for you or not, to find which essential oil your body prefers in a certain situation etc. The Sway test is very much a sign of what you need here and now, from day to day, in specific situations. Some answers may change from day to day and some will be the same.

For a demonstration I found this short video which I think is really good (please note that this is not me in the video).

If you’d like to read more about the Sway test, click here to get to an article by Diane Gellatly. The picture is also from her article.




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